The VolunteerTwiceprogram is dedicated to the people who freely share their time and talents to provide many of the programs and services in our community. It is the contribution of non-profits and volunteers that make our community thrive. Volunteers participate for many reasons and each volunteer is unique in how they wish to be recognized. The VolunteerTwiceinitiative provides your group with a recognition program that can be tailored to the individual volunteer.  

VolunteerTwiceis a social enterprise that recognizes the non-profits and volunteer sector with rewards and exclusive promotions from local businesses. It's simple. This unique program allows the community a chance to give back to those who give so freely. Participating businesses can set up deals & rewards for qualified volunteers.   

VolunteerTwicewill also have a points system for collecting rewards.  Your organization along with your volunteers will have an opportunity to receive points based on different criteria.  

Our goal is that the VolunteerTwicesocial enterprise will very quickly produce not only a diverse range of deals & rewards, but from the start, 50% of the profit from the deals & reward sales will be donated towards the non-profit and volunteer sector.  

Call or email for more details.

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